Vision & mission

ALPHA LLOYDS’ customer centricity

The ambition we have for ALPHA LLOYDS is to excel as a multi-specialist and niche player in the local, regional and international markets, putting our customers interest at the core of our business and serving them with tailor-made solutions.
The diversified expertise of SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP, France's largest independent broker, and its comprehensive global footprint enables ALPHA LLOYDS to cover the risks of a very wide range of companies anywhere in the world.

At the same time, our independence from the world's largest brokers allows us to have more agility and innovation in our processes and to give a full attention to our customers’ needs. Our goal is to propose a different way of delivering insurance services to our clients, more aligned to their needs and with a strong focus on emerging risks.

The scope of offers available through ALPHA LLOYDS encompasses activities in wholesale and retail insurance broking, risk management and claims consulting services.

We are seen as a specialist broker focusing in sectors where we know our added value will be a real advantage for the business of our client.

Risk management creates more opportunities and we are part of this holistic approach.