Sports insurance / Global events

The world of sport and large events is driven by passion and the issues around insurance and risk management need to be taken seriously and handled with care.
ALPHA LLOYDS, supported by our dedicated Paris team, is on hand to assist you.

Who needs to be insured?

  • National and international federations
  • Event organizers
  • Associations and clubs
  • Company directors (whether officially appointed or not)
  • Private companies
  • Athletes, volunteers and all participants
  • Spectators

Which coverage do you require?


Third Party Liability: This insurance covers damage caused to third parties in the course of your day-to-day activities
  • Bodily injury: Injuries sustained by athletes, volunteers or spectators
  • Physical damage: Damage to locker rooms, breakage of items and motor vehicle accidents
  • Financial loss: Failure to comply with an exclusive contract signed with a sponsor or a contractual obligation under a contract signed with a supplier, miscommunication around a doping issue etc.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability or D&O: D&O insurance protects directors and officers from personal liability claims which may impact their personal finances.
  • Coverage of defense costs and payment of any damages
  • Provision of bail bonds
  • Recovery from damage to reputation

Personal Accident: Personal accident insurance covers the insured against all bodily injuries sustained by them - whether or not they are held liable
  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization and repatriation costs incurred by the sick or injured person
  • Compensation if they are temporarily unable to work or have a permanent disability
  • Death: payment of a lump sum to the beneficiaries


  • Cancellation: Protects against financial losses incurred in the event of total or partial cancellation of events for which the insured is responsible
  • Cyber: Covers the organization in case of a cyber-attack, loss of data, use of fraudulent data etc.
  • Transportation: Covers your equipment between point A and point B including transportation, customs, warehousing, transit locations, operations etc.
  • Kidnap & Ransom: Covers the risk of kidnapping, extortion, illegal detention and embezzlement, and makes a team of skilled negotiators available
  • Health/Life & Disability: Setting up a Health/Life & Disability program for your employees in line with the legislation in force
  • Offices, All-risk IT coverage and motor insurance

Why choose ALPHA LLOYDS?

For all sport insurance issues, ALPHA LLOYDS is working with the dedicated team of SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP, our parent company, composed of 3 seasoned experts that have led risk management and consultancy missions for 14 Olympic Games and have been brokers for more than 20 international federations.