Your company’s assets may be exposed to many risks (explosion, theft, fire, etc.) that could adversely affect its development. Potential damage must therefore be assessed and covered through various solutions to reduce the impact on your activity in line with your company’s specific characteristics: business sector, size, production buildings and infrastructure, etc.

In the event of a loss event, you must be able to limit your financial losses, and quickly resume business while maintaining your clients’ trust.
ALPHA LLOYDS offers you solutions that suit your needs: definition and negotiation of contracts, implementation of policies in U.A.E and for your entities located outside U.A.E. including the claims administration.

Our clients

Without limitations of the type of business, our expertise includes:

  • Public sector
  • Mining and natural resources
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Heavy industrial and manufacturing
  • Power and utilities
  • Retail and property management
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Leisure and hospitality

If you are a SME, you might want to have a look at our packaged products specifically designed for companies like yours.

Which coverage do you require?

We insure your physical assets:
  • Machines, factories, buildings, equipment, furniture, vehicles, goods in all conditions, etc.

Against all types of physical or material damage:
  • Fire and explosion, water damage, natural events, vehicle collisions, theft and vandalism, terrorist acts, machine damage, etc.

We cover the financial consequences of these events:
  • Operating losses and additional operating costs, market value, etc.

How do we assist you?

Providing the best coverage

Upon completion of a risk analysis, our teams design a solution that fits requirements, and implement the broadest possible policy by acting as the client’s agent to the market. We negotiate on your behalf the most favorable contractual and financial conditions.

Once the policy is placed, the same team conducts the day-to-day administration of the policies, to ensure an entirely documented follow-up of claims. One dedicated team deals with claims management, while another provides you with the engineering services you require.

Why choose ALPHA LLOYDS ?

A team of specialists

All members of ALPHA LLOYDS' Property Department boast highly specialized senior profiles (experience of at least 5 years), recognized by Dubai Property insurance market. They are skilled at both proposing the best technical solutions and at conducting negotiations with insurers, your interests are their primary objective.