Political risks

Termination of a contract, defaulting, acts of terrorism, political violence, confiscation of your investments, ransom demands, etc.

Against such a global backdrop of geopolitical and economic instability, the management of political and financial risks on an international scale has become a major challenge, particularly in the MENA region.  

Which coverage do you require?

  • Guarantee for the proper performance of contracts

To protect your business in the event of contract termination, default, recourse to bonding.


  • Balance sheet protection

To protect your company from the expropriation and confiscation of investments abroad.

  • Asset guarantee
To cover your investments, facilities, property and business against acts of terrorism and political violence.
  • Protection of individuals 
In the event of kidnapping and ransom demands.

How do we assist you?

Risk analysis and advisory services

  • We analyze and advise you upstream of your project in order to anticipate country-specific and operational risks.

We support you throughout your project: informing you of the risks in the countries where you plan to work or invest, insurer benchmarking, developing and optimizing policies.


  • Design, organization and implementation of your coverage

Our technical experts, specialized in industry, banking and trading, analyze and anticipate your risks to design and develop tailor-made, innovative plans. We negotiate with insurers operating on the global markets, draft tailor-made insurance policies and place them with an insurer.


  • Management of your Policy

We monitor and manage your policies and claims. We defend your interests with insurers and ensure that your policy provides proper coverage.