Marine / Transport

As a shipper (manufacturer or merchant), carrier or ship-owner, your business develops against a constantly changing international backdrop.

Faced with higher volume flows, an economic, political and social environment sometimes resulting in unstable lines, technological advancement and increasingly significant local legislations, it is essential to be properly insured and to clearly define the scope of your risks and responsibilities.

As marine risks are cross-cutting and complex, ALPHA LLOYDS assists you across the entire risk chain to secure and develop your international exchanges and optimize the quality of supply chain management.

Our team works within key markets, which offer first class insurers including LLOYD’S London and European-based insurance companies.

Our clients

We design tailor-made solutions and services for:

  • Industrial companies, distribution companies and companies trading in raw materials who transport their goods worldwide.
  • Carriers, logistics companies and freight forwarders and port handlers to whom goods are entrusted.
  • Ship-owners and charterers, companies developing industrial construction or civil engineering projects.

Which coverage do you require?

Regardless of your business, SIACI SAINT HONORE and CAP MARINE assist you with the entire technical marine risk chain for effective and appropriate protection regarding:

  • Marine Hull and P&I
  • Charterers’ liability
  • Logistics professionals’ liability
  • Loss of hire
  • Vessels under construction
  • Contractor’s All Risks
  • Sea, land, air and river shipments
  • Storage risks
  • Industrial risks
  • Operating losses
  • War risks, terrorism, industrial action, riots and piracy
  • Confiscation, expropriation and requisition
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Medical insurance for sailors and their families

How do we assist you?

Comprehensive steering of your risks

We are on hand to understand, analyze and define together your requirements. SIACI SAINT HONORE and CAP MARINE, which enjoy very broad scope for negotiation with the main international specialized insurance markets, advise you on the best solution for you and ensure that your tailor-made plan is properly put into place.

Thanks to a wide-ranging management delegation, our technical teams are in charge of the management and settlement of your claims and the exercise of remedies brought against third parties liable for damage to goods. Your plan is steered by a dedicated team based in Paris, ensuring you an overall and coherent vision of your marine policy worldwide. This approach enables us to provide daily assistance that is flexible, proactive and efficient.

Why choose ALPHA LLOYDS?

SIACI SAINT HONORE, our parent company, and CAP MARINE, its branch dedicated to marine insurance, have resources that are unique on the market, being the largest broker for marine in Europe. Through them, we offer you a team of 110 specialists, half of which are dedicated to claims, thereby ensuring permanent availability and personalized monitoring of your plan.

Our employees have different profiles, such as former maritime lawyers, safety engineers, marine insurance experts, management of international plans, etc. They are all renowned for their extensive knowledge of the market, its players and its changing legal obligations.

Because your needs are unique, we design tailor-made solutions that are both economically and technically effective. Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we undertake to provide you with a high-quality service across the globe, on a daily basis.