Life insurance and personal accident

Life and health insurance are valuable benefits to provide to your employees. It can often be easy and relatively affordable to provide, and plays a major role in helping you attract and retain good quality employees.

It is possible to buy life insurance for employees individually, but more commonly businesses take out life insurance for a whole group of employees. This is called group life insurance and can be arranged alone, through it is also often found linked to a pension arrangement. A group life insurance scheme might include all employees who have been working in the business longer than a certain period, such as six months.

Usually, the lump sum insured for each employee is a multiple of their wage or annual salary, subject to a maximum of four times annual salary. It is also possible to buy critical illness cover for your employees.

There is a range of other types of insurance that one company can offer to its employees such as:

  • private medical insurance - pays for the treatment of agreed acute conditions
  • income protection - pays regular income to employees who are unable to work because of illness or injury

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