Group medical insurance / Healthcare services

Group medical insurance / Healthcare services

ALPHA LLOYDS provides you with all of the resources you need to get quality group health coverage for your family or business.

Benefits for Employer and Employee

Affordable group health insurance rates are available to any company that has ten or more employees. The number of employees insured under the group health plan may also determine the types of coverage available to the employer, as well as the per-employee premium.

Usually, a company with between 10 to 100 employees or more will have health plans customized for them by a health insurance provider. Many of these customized plans may include additional benefits that would be excluded from standard individual policies.

Some large corporations may choose to self-insure and only use the insurance carrier to administer the health plans and benefits. This is done by placing a sizeable amount with the insurance provider and pulling from this account to pay medical claims via the administrating health insurance provider. In doing so, the company is assuming the risk of major medical claims and acting as the insurer.
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