Cyber insurance

The constant development of new technologies and the increasing use of new means of communication are both a source of opportunities and of risks. The electronic data you use every day is a corporate asset in its own right. Modifications or destruction of personal or confidential data, the interruption of IT services and risks related to Cloud Computing, Data Centers and the use of IT tools in SaaS (Software as a service) mode could result in operating losses while adversely affecting your coporate development and image.

ALPHA LLOYDS, with the support of our Paris team, sets up coverage solutions that protect your company against all types of intangible IT risks.

We design tailor-made solutions for all companies wishing to actively protect themselves against digital risks, and in particular financial institutions, communications, technology & media companies and retail companies.

Which services do you require?

We offer comprehensive insurance solutions to protect you against:

  • Data breaches (unavailability, modifications, destruction or loss of data saved on your premises or with a third party)
  • Compromised personal data
  • Cyber attacks
  • Third-party liability incurred
  • Regulatory procedures (e.g.: data protection act)
  • Consequential operating losses

How do we assist you?

Prevention and containment

We assist you in the analysis of your risk exposure, your mapping and ensure the suitability of your current insurance solutions in order to draw up a development plan for your insurance. 

We design on your behalf a dedicated insurance solution that may also result in the creation of patnerships with IT prevention specialists and crisis management experts in the case of an event. 

Why choose ALPHA LLOYDS?

We provide you with a team of specialists, recognized on the market and coming from complementary backgrounds: law, risk management, insurance, quality control, etc.

On intangible IT risks, ALPHA LLOYDS is working in association with SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP, our parent company. This association creates value for our clients: access to exclusive information, controlled costs on European markets, knowledge sharing initiatives, etc.