Corporate risks

Your company’s assets may be exposed to many risks (explosion, theft, fire, etc.) that could adversely affect its development. Potential damage must therefore be assessed and covered through various solutions to reduce the impact on your activity in line with your company’s specific characteristics: business sector, size, production buildings and infrastructure, etc.
A changeable risk environment needs long-term, sustainable casualty insurance programs offering protection from the unexpected for organizations.
Our casuality teams supported by specialists in international casualty, excess liability and other areas will tailor a customized risk management solution to meet the business environment and requirements.
Financial lines / Cyber
Executive directors, and more generally corporate officers, are exposed to personal liability risks that are separated from those of the company they represent. Unlike shareholders, whose financial risk is limited to their contribution, the consequences of directors’ liability can result in full compensation of the loss suffered by the injured third party.
Marine / Transport
As a shipper (manufacturer or merchant), carrier or ship-owner, your business develops against a constantly changing international backdrop.
Faced with higher volume flows, an economic, political and social environment sometimes resulting in unstable lines, technological advancement and increasingly significant local legislations, it is essential to be properly insured and to clearly define the scope of your risks and responsibilities.
Political risks
Termination of a contract, defaulting, acts of terrorism, political violence, confiscation of your investments, ransom demands, etc.
Against such a global backdrop of geopolitical and economic instability, the management of political and financial risks on an international scale has become a major challenge, particularly in the MENA region.

The appearance of cracks and leakage on a bridge, the collapse of a warehouse, environmental pollution, death of a vehicle driver as a result of faulty lighting on the road ….

As the company in charge of studying and designing a project, and of the supervision of its completion, you may be held liable until very significant amount that could endanger the long-term continuity and operation of your company.