As a manufacturer, components manufacturer or service provider in the aeronautics industry, you could be held liable for a loss event resulting from a design or manufacturing fault. In the event of an accident, your third-party liability may be incurred for any damage caused by your products or work. Without specific aviation third-party liability insurance coverage, you expose your equity to major risks. Such coverage may also be required in contracts signed with your clients (airlines, manufacturers, etc.).

Coverage of your aviation risks requires the expertise of specialists and high insurance limits to provide protection against the high risks of aeronautical damage. ALPHA LLOYDS assists you in the implementation of coverage that enables you to protect your assets.

Our clients

We design tailor-made solutions and services for all industrial companies and service providers in the aviation industry subcontracting chain.

Which coverage do you require?

A single Aviation product third-party liability policy providing coverage for:

  • The financial consequences of third-party liability that you may incur and which may endanger the long-term continuation of your business.
  • Authorities' decision to ground any aircraft presenting the same defect as the damaged aircraft.
  • Compliance with contractual conditions intended to satisfy your clients' requirements. 

How do we assist you?

  • Determining, analysing and defining the placement strategy

Our Client Directors are on hand to determine, analyse and define with you the best placement strategy. They also steer the process for rolling out your aviation insurance plans.

  • Consulting and operational management

The team of technical experts from SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP, our parent company, works on a daily basis to propose and set up effective solutions, manage your policies and claims and provide consulting services. We are by your side every step of the way.

Why choose ALPHA LLOYDS?

A leading position in France for aviation product third-party liability

In the field of aviation, ALPHA LLOYDS is benefiting from the unique experience of SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP whose Aviation team has set up various plans for large accounts in Western Europe.

A R&D unit working for you

Legal and regulatory watch, performance measurement tools, financial rating of insurers, etc. SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP R&D unit provides you with all the necessary insight into trends in this highly specialized and constantly changing sector.